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Excavator drilling and splitting machine instructions

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Author : peter
Update time : 2024-06-26 13:51:06
Application scope of large-scale airborne hydraulic rock splitter Instructions for use of excavator drilling and splitting machine
The integrated drilling rig is a new type of highly integrated, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment that can be widely used in complex working conditions such as open-pit mines, engineering construction, and tunnel excavation.

The whole vehicle adopts wireless remote control operation and proportional electromagnetic reversing valve control, making all operations more stable, reliable, convenient and fast. It is the first choice for static blasting mining equipment. Remote control of drilling, alignment and splitting is achieved through load-sensitive proportional valve control. Compared with traditional splitting machines, it saves labor costs, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves splitting efficiency.
Hydraulic rock drills are widely used in construction projects and drilling operations in various mines, railways, highways, water conservancy construction and national defense construction. It is a high-speed fully hydraulic rock drill used for tunnel excavation and medium-deep hole drilling, with a drilling range of 38 to 76 mm. It has high drilling speed, good drill rod economy, reliable quality, high safety and low failure rate. It is a hydraulic drilling rig favored by domestic customers.

The hydraulic rock drill consists of a rock drill, hydraulic legs and a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump is divided into one pump and one machine, one pump and two machines, one pump and four machines, etc. It can be selected according to the construction requirements. For underground construction, it can be equipped with an explosion-proof electric hydraulic pump, or a diesel-powered hydraulic pump can be selected.

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