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cross bits for jack hammer

Item No.: 4681
Cross bits for jack hammer
Material Tungsten Carbide
Taper 7 degree
Diameter 32mm
Connection method Taper 7 degree
Color Black, red, gold, yellow
Package Plywood case , customer request
Process forging
Sale: 26
Description Review

Tungsten carbide tapered type cross bits for jack hammer for Tunnel Mine Use

cross bit

cross bits for jack hammer
Tapered drill bits connect tapered drill steel of rock drill for drilling holes.The taper cross bits can be used under any rock drilling condition because of it's comprehensive adaptability. Compared with taper chisel bits, taper cross bits have a better drilling performance because carbide tips on cross bits doubled, which means carbides shape are cross type on drill bits. Taper cross bit is mainly used for hard or very hard rock formation.   
May 09, 2023
nice,good quality

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