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Piston rod rock splitter

Item No.: 00587
Hole Diameter:100mm-115mm
Oil Pressure:24-35Map
Sale: 0
Description Review

Piston rod rock splitter on superdrill

Piston rod rock splitter is new type hole piston type hydraulic rock splitter, hydraulic soundless blasting, hand hold rock splitter improved, and alternative of Expansive Demolition Agent , first need to drill hole 90mm 105mm by DTH hammer drill, insert splitting rods with multi piston cylinder button press rock by super high pressure of 1,500 kgf/cm2 (150 MPA) which is not possible from other rock demolition power packs at several seconds to splitting big block from rock body.

Piston rod rock splitter Piston rod rock splitter

Application :

Piston rod rock splitter powered rock splitter. Applied for first cut for rock demolition, concrete breaking, and quarrying, building cracking like

road, bridge, foundation. Good for removing rocks out of foundation of buildings, trenching sites,

or small tunnel sites. The splitters are operated by a man worker. Each splitter weighs not more

than 30 kgs usually.Good for removing rocks out of foundation of buildings, trenching sites,or

small tunnel sites.Performs very well on hard rocks where wedge type rock splitters take long

hours to drill and split.
Piston rod rock splitter Piston rod rock splitter Piston rod rock splitter

Product Features:

Light weight cylinders are operated by a man worker , while another worker is taking care of

the power pack. Good for small or narrow work sites. Short and light and good for demolition

work of small size or confined area work.

No leaking oil under high pressure of 1,600 kgf/cm2 nor breakage problem when used with

normal care. Manufactured for hand-held operator. Weight less 30 kgs easy


1, Compare traditional blasting, Cylinder Rock Splitter working at non explosive and silent,

safe, no fly, higher efficiency, lower cost.

2, Compared with Hand held Hydra Splitter, Cylinder Rock Splitter only requires 800-1000mm in depth for over-size breaking capacity. Soft rocks are fractured with

hole spacing of 50-100 cm .Very efficient in rock demolition comparing with any

existing soundless rock breaking methods.

3, Cylinder Rock Splitter can break rock at very fast time, its job needs DHT hammer

rig drilling hole at first, and then can insert Splitter Rod Into pro hole, cracking time

at within 1 minute .

4, Compared with imported rock splitter, pump station use the imported spare part ,

its working pressure reach 150 MPA, flowing capacity high, up pressure fast, breaking

time short, performance stable, and price less.

Rocks splitter is operated by the super high pressure of 1,500 kgf/cm2 which is not

possible from other rock demolition power packs. Durable heavy duty equipment is

not compared with other rock splitters available today.

Technology Certification:

Power pack and splitting cylinders are protected by patents of utility model, new

design.Our splitters and power packs cannot be copied or imitated without our

permission. Easy repair in work site.

Cylinder rock Splitter Structure

Super high pressure hydraulic pump station, rod splitter, and rubber pipe 4 sets,

one steel box.

Hydraulic Pump:

A hydraulic pump ,maximum pressure 2,500 kgf/cm2,

low pressure 200 kgf/cm2.

operating pressure 1,500 kgf/cm2

Oil outflow: 0.32 liter/min at high pressure of 1,500 kgf/cm2
Oil outflow: 3 liter/min at low pressure of 200 kgf/cm2
Piston rod rock splitter  pump

Splitting Rod (Cylinder) :

型号 Model 钻孔孔径 Drilling Hole Diameter 钻孔深度 Drilling Hole Depth 实际分裂力 Actual Splitting Force/Pc 钻孔间距 Drilling distance 裂缝宽度 Crack width 机重 Weight 额定工作压力 Rated WorKing Pressure
SP-90 90MM 1000MM 400T 500 ~ 700MM 25 ~ 30MM 32kg/pc 120Mpa
SP-110 110MM 1000MM 411T 1000 ~ 1500MM 25 ~ 30MM 47kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa
SP-115 115MM 1000MM 420T 1000 ~ 1500MM 25 ~ 30MM 57kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa
SP-130 130MM 1000MM 520T 1000 ~ 2000MM 25 ~ 30MM 80kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa
SP-150 150MM 1000MM 600T 1000 ~ 2500MM 25 ~ 30MM 100kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa
SP-175 175MM 1000MM 707T 1200 ~ 3000MM 25 ~ 30MM 139kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa
SP-250 250MM 1200MM 1250T 1500 ~ 5000MM 25 ~ 30MM 330kg/pc 120 ~ 150 Mpa


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